Relief is at hand with Restore exam gloves.

Soothe dry, sensitive skin with gloves that help your hands while you wear them. The secret ingredient? Colloidal oatmeal.
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Why nurses love Restore® exam gloves (and why you will to):

Restore puts a layer of maxOat+™— a proprietary blend of colloidal oatmeal — between your skin and glove, to help manage dry skin.

After wearing Restore gloves:

of nurses say their hands are hydrated and soft at work.1

of nurses say they're content with the condition of their hands at work.2

of nurses would recommend Restore to their colleagues.1

Finally feel good in your gloves

Keep your hands soft and healthy with gloves that assist with skin health. Click on the interactive areas to view the features of the Restore exam glove.

Nourish hands with the power of oatmeal.

It’s no secret that the constant cycle of washing and gelling can leave hands feeling dry and uncomfortable. Coated with a layer of maxOat+, our proprietary blend of colloidal oatmeal, Restore gloves help retain skin’s natural moisture to soothe hands, so they can feel good in gloves.

What is colloidal oatmeal?What is colloidal oatmeal?

What is colloidal oatmeal?

It’s simply oats that have been finely ground to expose more nutrient-rich properties.

Skin-deep benefits.Skin-deep benefits.

Skin-deep benefits.

Colloidal oatmeal has a long history of beneficial use in dermatology.1

The National Eczema Association awarded the Seal of AcceptanceTM to Restore glovesThe National Eczema Association awarded the Seal of AcceptanceTM to Restore gloves

Seal of approval.

The National Eczema Association awarded the Seal of AcceptanceTM to Restore gloves.

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1. Cerio, R et al. Mechanism of action and clinical benefits of colloidal oatmeal for dermatologic practice. J Drugs Dermatol. 2010 Sep; 9(9): 1116-20. Available at: 2. Based on a nationwide survey of 822 nurses who tried Restore gloves for 10 days. Data on file. 3. Tested chemotherapy drugs available upon request. Do not use with Carmustine and Thiotepa. Testing on file for breakthrough time.