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  1. Active Gelatein Plus Lemon Flavor, 4oz
    Active Gelatein Plus High Protein Gelatin Lemon 4oz 36Ct
    Item #3467
    SKU ENT703
  2. Active Gelatein Plus High Protein Gelatin Cherry 4oz 36Ct
  3. Medline Gelatein 20 High Protein Gelatin, 80 Calorie, Orange Flavor, 4-oz. Cup, Case of 36
  4. Medline Gelatein 20 High Protein Gelatin, 80 Calorie, Fruit Punch Flavor, 4-oz. Cup, Case of 36
  5. Banatrol® Plus ® Banana
    Banatrol® Plus ® Banana
    SKU ENT470
  6. Simply Thick Instant Food Thickener Level 3 12g 100Ct

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Nutrition, Food Enhancements + Tube Feeding Formula from Medline at Home

Good nutrition is important for good health but sometimes getting the proper nutrition can be a challenge. That’s where we can help. We carry a large selection of blenderized foodfood enhancementstube feeding formula and medical food for people of all ages. Manufactured to the highest standards and filled with targeted nutrients for specific needs, many of these products are the very same ones used and trusted by hospitals. Shop our large selection now. And of course, as with any personal health question, it’s important to talk to your doctor first about your nutrition or medical nutrition therapy.

Below we answer some commonly asked questions about nutrition and medical nutrition therapy.

What is nutrition?
Nutrition is eating a healthy and balanced diet. In order to maintain our mental and physical health, our bodies need 7 key nutrients: Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and water.1 Too much or too little of one of these key nutrients can lead to an imbalance in the body, which can lead to negative health outcomes.

Why is nutrition important?
The World Health Organization states that nutrition is critical to health and development. Good nutrition is linked to stronger immune systems, safer pregnancy and childbirth, lower risk of non-communicable diseases (like diabetes and cardiovascular disease), and longevity.2

What is a medical food?
According to the FDA, a medical food is a food “intended for the specific dietary management of a disease or condition for which distinctive nutritional requirements… are established by medical evaluation.”4

Medical foods are specially formulated and processed (as opposed to naturally occurring foods used in their natural state) for a person who needs that medical food as a significant part of a condition's specific dietary management. 4 Some medical foods can be eaten or drank, while others are administered orally with the help of feeding syringes or other aids.

Medline bestseller: Medline Sterile Enteral Feeding Syringe ENT6006M
Medline bestseller: Medline Amber Oral Syringe with Self-Righting Cap NON65201

What are examples of medical foods?
Some common examples of medical food are: special infant formulas, formulations for metabolic disorders, oral rehydration products (products for chronic diarrhea), and special nutritional formulas for patients with diabetes, AIDS, kidney disease, or inborn errors in metabolism.4

Medline bestseller: Medline Active Gelatein Plus High Protein Gelatin with Natural Lemon Flavor ENT703
Medline bestseller: Medline Active Critical Care Sugar-Free Liquid Protein with Natural Berry Flavor ENT697

Do you need a prescription for medical food?
No, you do not need a prescription for medical foods. However, the FDA requires that medical foods be formulated to be consumed or administered enterally under the supervision of a physician.4

What is medical nutrition therapy?
Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is a nutrition-based treatment plan created by a registered dietician nutritionist to address a person’s medical needs. It is often used to help manage a specific disease or condition.5

How does medical nutrition therapy work?
Medical nutrition therapy is tailored specifically to meet an individual’s medical needs. A registered dietician completes a nutrition diagnosis based on current diet and lifestyle and created a plan for the individual. After the initial diagnosis, the dietician continues monitoring and providing counsel over the course of treatment.6

When is medical nutrition therapy needed?
Medical nutrition therapy is recommended to individuals with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.3 Medical nutrition therapy can also be helpful in the prevention of these and other conditions.


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