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Organizing a Kitchen for Accessibility

Everyday activities in the kitchen, like picking up utensils, opening cabinets or cooking can be difficult when you have a limited range of motion.

Fall Prevention: How to Pick Shower Safety Bars & More

A fall can happen to anyone. But as you age, the repercussions can be more serious so planning ahead to prevent falls is key.

How to Choose the Right Walking Cane

Finding the right walking cane can be a time-consuming task with many factors playing a role in your decision.

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6 Tips for Arthritis Pain Relief

Having tools to manage your pain is an important step towards independence and freedom from arthritis.

Simple DIY Wheelchair Maintenance

With a little upkeep and maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your wheelchair in top shape and you on the go.

What Are Shin Splints

Shin splints slow you down. Getting rid of them and preventing in future can help keep you moving forward.