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Handle minor injuries at home with feel-better first aid favorites.

First Aid Products

Be prepared with bandages, dressings and more – and get it all delivered to your door.

First Aid

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  1. CURAD Comfort Adhesive Bandages
  2. Caring Woven Sterile Gauze Sponges
  3. Curad Arm & Hammer Gauze Pads
    SKU CUR202225AHH
    Curad Arm & Hammer Gauze Pads
  4. CURAD Moleskin Roll
    SKU NON5148
    CURAD Moleskin Roll
  5. 37 Piece Travel First Aid Kit by Rapid Care
  6. CURAD Cloth Tapes
    SKU NON26102H
    CURAD Cloth Tapes
  7. CURAD Silicone Adhesive Bandages
  8. CURAD Soothe & Cool Adhesive Bandages
  9. CURAD Antibacterial Adhesive Bandages
    SKU CUR5020H
    CURAD Antibacterial Adhesive Bandages
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  10. CURAD Adhesive Bandages - Value Pack
  11. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
    SKU MDS098003WH
    Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

1066 Items

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Bumps, bruises, burns, strains and sprains are all a part of life. Now you can be prepared to take care of life's little accidents with first aid supplies from Medline atHome. Our large assortment includes top-quality Medline products you've seen in hospitals plus the premium CURAD products you already know and love. Shop gauze rolls, gauze sponges, medical tape, athletic sports tape, PluroGel Burn and Wound Dressing, antibiotic ointment, wound cleaners and cold packs. Discover convenient, multi-piece first aid kits that can be stowed in your car or gym bag. And don't forget the bandages. We have hundreds of types - including flex fabric, waterproof, extra strength, infection prevention, sensitive skin and kid-friendly designs - to choose from. So, whether you're filling up the medicine cabinet at home, outfitting your small business, or gathering emergency supplies for a storm, turn to Medline for what you need to be prepared.