Remedy® Phytoplex 4-in-1 Barrier Cream Cloth Wet Wipes

Botanical Nutrition For Sensitive Skin Dimethicone 3.6% Barrier Cream Cloth Helps Protect Sensitive Skin

$3.50 - $110.00
  • Soft, single patient use, medium weight cloths are gentle on the skin
  • Wipes contains 3.6% dimethicone, a skin protectant active ingredient that helps protect delicate skin
  • Pre-moistened cloths clean, moisturize and help protect the skin
  • Not made with paraben
  • Hypoallergenic
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Manufacturer Medline
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Associated SKUs MSC092508H, MSC092508, MSC092507H
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The One-Step Cloth That Does It All

Remedy Phytoplex Skin Protectant Cloths are designed to simplify and standardize incontinence care. Beyond exceptional cleansing, moisturizing and skin protection, each cloth also supplies botanically-sourced Phytoplex skin nutrients. The newest innovation in our incontinence care product line, Remedy cloths deliver gentle phospholipid cleansers, premium moisturizers, the protection of 3.6% Dimethicone, plus essential skin nourishment in one step.


Feel the Difference:

  • Soft, thick cloths
  • Gentle pH-balanced formula
  • 3.6% Dimethicone skin protection
  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing pediatrician and dermatologist tested


Using Remedy Phytoplex Cloths

  • Average incontinence cleanups should utilize 2-3 cloths
  • Reseal package after use to retain moisture

Do not flush. Dispose of used cloths in trash by rolling them inside a patient’s underpad, or discard in accordance to your facility’s protocol.


See the Science Behind Remedy Cloths

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