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Centered support and stability. Medline Offset Canes.

Lean in. The offset handle centers and stabilizes you better.

Non-Slip Tip

Wide rubber foot provides a stable base and helps prevent slipping on hardwood, tile and other surfaces.

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Push-Button Adjustment

Simply push the button and slide the 
cane to the perfect length. Adjust from 
29 to 38 inches.

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Comfort Grip Handle with Wrist Strap

Helps keep you from dropping the cane and for conveniently hanging it up in easy reach.

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Offset Handle with Microban Protection

Helps weight stay centered over the cane, allowing less wrist strain when using for support.

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Know your options to help maintain balance.

Standard Aluminium
Classic handle design and foam grip provides you with both a secure and comfortable hold.
Offset Handle
Good-looking ergonomic handle design adds comfort and more weight support with less wrist strain.
Quad Cane
With our feet and a handle design that fits you. It bears more weight and provides extra stability.
T-Handle + Folding Cane
T-Handle makes it easier for arthritic hands and cane folds away for easy packaging.

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Choosing a walking cane is a bit like choosing a walking companion. Let's get started to find the one for you.

Leave germs & odor behind.

The only mobility aids and bathroom safety products on the market with Microban® antimicrobial protection*

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