FitRight Underwear for Women

  • Made specifically for women, with a different shape and absorbency designed for the comfort, discretion and leak protection
  • Ultra absorbency with super absorbent core and wicking outer layer provides odor control and pulls moisture away from the skin for leakage protection
  • Linear embossing technology distributes fluid throughout the core for exceptional dryness and containment
  • Anti-leak guards provide an extra level of protection from leaks
  • Pull-up underwear is made for men and women who are mobile enough to not require a brief
The Right Fit for
Confident Living.
Savor every moment and live life to the fullest. FitRight
offers the ultimate in protection and comfort, and no one will know you have them on.
Complete Selection of Adult
Incontinence Solutions

Specially Made for Women.

Made to fit the unique shape of a woman’s body, providing not just comfort, but better containment as well.

  1. Trim, body-contoured design specific to the female body
  2. Elastic gathers and anti-leak guards for extra protection
  3. Linear embossed core with odor control
  4. Inner absorbent layer wicks moisture away from the skin
  5. SensiSoft fabric is silky soft and very comfortable
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