Ultrasorbs Air Permeable Drypad Underpads PF01465 by Medline
Ultrasorbs Air Permeable Drypad Underpads PF01465 by Medline

Ultrasorbs Air Permeable Drypad Underpads

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  • Helps prevent skin breakdown with a moisture trapping film that protects against leaks, resulting in less frequent full bed linen changes
  • Draws in moisture, locks it away from the skin and feels dry to the touch in just minutes
  • Advanced super-absorbent core with high performing absorbent polymer lies flat when wet without bunching, swelling or disintegrating
  • Protects bedding and permits air flow with air-permeable cloth-like backsheet, suitable for low air loss mattress therapy
  • Tough and durable with strong backsheet built for Q2 turning, boosting and repositioning protocols for patients up to 300 pounds
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Medicare covered No
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PF Code PF01465
Brand Ultrasorbs
Ultrasorbs AP. Hospital quality plus even more absorbency.

Made for heavy, continuous leaks, this ultra-absorbent, air-permeable drypad is a step above Extrasorbs AP.

If your loved one has at-risk skin and you’ve been struggling with store-bought underpads that just don’t have the absorbency you need, it’s time to upgrade to a hospital-quality drypad like Ultrasorbs AP. A step above our Extrasorbs AP, they’re ideal for keeping those with continuous incontinence dry and comfortable, and they help combat MASD (moisture associated skin damage) too.

  • Ultra-absorbent core draws in moisture and locks it away from at-risk skin
  • Absorbent core goes right to the edge of the pad for maximum coverage
  • Fold-over edge helps prevent overflow
  • Feels dry to the touch in minutes
  • Won’t bunch, swell or fall apart when wet
  • Doubles as a bed protector
  • Maximum absorbency for fewer linen changes

4 layers of protection in 1 ultra-absorbent drypad

More than trusted – TESTED.

A full 300 milliliters of water was poured onto a Ultrasorbs drypad and a typical under pad. After 7 minutes, each pad was touched with a white cotton glove to see how well they lock in moisture. See the results for yourself.

Ultrasorbs® Drypad

Ultrasorbs traps moisture inside to help protect skin.

Typical under pad

Competition leaves moisture on the surface.

Extrasorbs or Ultrasorbs? With 4 types to choose from, which drypad is right for your needs?

Extrasorbs AP | Extrasorbs ES | Ultrasorbs AP | Ultrasorbs ES