Shelter-in-place strategies

Get back to basics—eat, sleep and exercise to stay healthy during the epidemic.

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Shelter in Place

As we continue to navigate unprecedented times during the coronavirus outbreak, we recommend that you stay up-to-date on CDC guidelines, wash your hands properly, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing. It’s also important to keep your immune system strong by eating right, exercising and sleeping. Read our special blog series with tips and strategies below.

Find tips to take control in our special blog series.

Learn why exercising, eating right and getting a good night's sleep are more important than ever. 

A new routine: Exercise at home.

Stay in shape with these shelter-at-home fitness tips.

How to boost your immune system.

Strengthen your immune system by eating the right foods.

Can't sleep because of coronavirus fears?

Here's how to get a better night's sleep.