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A diabetes diagnosis can lead to many questions. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and make the most of your doctor visits. So you get the answers you need to stay informed and live better.

Printable questions to ask your doctor.   

Sometimes it’s tough to know exactly what to ask your doctor. We’re making it easy with this list of questions. Just click on the printer icon to download, print and bring them to your appointment.

1. What is going on in my body that causes my diabetes?
11. Do I need to follow a special diet?
2. How often should I check my blood glucose?
12. Will I be put on medication for my diabetes? If so, what medication?
3. What are the best times to check my glucose?
13. How does my diabetes medication work? What are potential side effects?
4. What will I feel like if my blood glucose is too low or too high?
14. How can I best manage side effects of my diabetes medication?
5. Will I be able to tell if my blood glucose is too low, or too high if I don't have a glucose meter?
15. Why do I need to take insulin?
6. What should I do if my blood sugar suddenly drops?
16. How does insulin work?
7. What should I do if my blood sugar is too high?
17. What is the best way for me to take my insulin?
8. How does adjusting my diet affect my diabetes?
18. What happens if I take too much insulin?
9. How does excercising affect my diabetes?
19. What happens if I take too little insulin?
10. Do I have to stop eating sweets (carbohydrates)?
20. Can I stop my diabetes medication if I lose weight?

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