Managing diabetes

Test, treat and take control

Test, treat and take control

Test and treat to level-set your blood sugar.

Managing your diabetes can be challenging, but it’s essential. No matter what type you have, the treatment goal is always to maintain healthy blood sugar levels now, to stay healthy for the future.

Testing your own glucose levels

Using a blood glucose meter is one of the easiest, most accurate ways to test your own levels. This device uses a small drop of blood, usually from your finger, that's placed on a test strip that has been inserted into your meter. Within seconds, you’ll see your glucose level at that moment in time.

Typical goals for blood glucose are:1


before a meal


1.5-2 hours after a meal

Testing, testing

Your doctor may have you test yourself several times a day to see if any changes need to be made to your treatment, from meal planning and exercise to medication. Tracking these results can help you understand how certain foods or activities affect your glucose levels.

Hemoglobin A1C test

Unlike the blood glucose meter that you use at home, your doctor may order a Hemoglobin A1C test. This shows your average blood sugar level over the past few months, which helps your doctor see the big picture and determine whether your treatment is effective.

Maximize your treatment with medication

Diet and exercise can make a big difference in keeping your blood glucose levels in check. But your doctor may also prescribe insulin or other medications to reach your treatment goal, and maintain it.

Metformin and more

Metformin improves how your body responds to insulin. It's often paired with a second medication, either taken orally or by injection.

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From fast-acting to slow-release, explore the many forms of insulin that your doctor may consider for your diabetes treatment.

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Other RX options

Depending on the results of your A1C test, your doctor may introduce additional prescriptions into your treatment mix to help control your glucose levels.

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Diabetes Care products

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