Find a healthy balance for better living

Healthy habits play a powerful role in your diabetes care.

Living with diabetes

Healthy habits are important for everyone, but especially for people with diabetes. Eating well and staying active can help regulate your blood glucose and reduce your risk factors for future complications, like heart disease and vision problems.

Make healthy habits happen

It’s important to understand how food and exercise affect your blood sugar. When you know, it’s easier to make the right choices and find balance for better living.

Top 12 dietary guidelines

Use these go-to tips to know what to eat, what to avoid, and how to get the right nutrition.

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How to read food labels

We break down every nutrient and number to make meal planning easier.

Do the math >

How foods affect blood glucose

Carbs, protein, fat. Learn how different foods raise or lower your blood glucose.

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Exercise + weight loss

Exercise is an effective way to lower you A1C. But how does it affect blood sugar?

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Balance your plate

One simple, easy way to plan balanced meals is to use the plate method.1,2

Click on the interactive areas to learn what should go on your plate.

Skin care

Diabetes affects many parts of the body, and the skin is no exception. Like most diabetic complications, poor circulation is usually the cause.

Eye care

Diabetes affects many parts of the body, and vision can be impacted by high levels of blood sugar in the small vessels within the eye. In fact, blurry vision is one of the first symptoms of diabetes.

Foot care

Proper foot care is essential for people with diabetes because poor blood circulation can lead to nerve damage. Some telltale signs? Tingling, burning or stinging sensations in your feet.

Diabetes Care products

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