Premium Disposable Polymer Underpads PF110619 by Medline
Premium Disposable Polymer Underpads PF110619 by Medline

Premium Disposable Polymer Underpads


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  • Polypropylene backing helps keep these underpads in place
  • Provide moisture protection for a variety of clinical surfaces, including exam tables, beds and chairs
  • Disposable underpads feature a combination fluff and polymer core for high absorbency
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Associated SKUs MUP2060PZ, MUP2060P, MUP2040PZ, MUP2040P, MUP2030PZ, MUP2030P
Medicare covered No
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PF Code PF110619
Brand Medline
Best-in-class protection.

Polymer and fluff combine to give you an underpad with the dependable absorbency you need.

If you like our Poly-Back, No-Polymer Disposable Underpads but need more absorbency and odor protection, our Premium Polymer and Fluff-Filled, Polypropylene-Back Disposable Underpads are the perfect step up. Considered best-in-class, these generously-sized hospital-quality pads are filled with both SAP polymer and fluff for absorbency. A slip-resistant poly back helps keep them in place, so they’re ideal for use in wheelchair or on a bed. Pair them with body-worn incontinence products or use them for stand-alone coverage and enjoy peace-of-mind protection every time.

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Choose Your Size: Covers for All Your Needs

Beds, chairs and surfaces.

Minor at home procedures like blood draws.

Baby changes and potty training.

Puppy protection.