Medline Plus Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 1Ct MDS3003 by Medline
Medline Plus Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 1Ct MDS3003 by Medline

Medline Plus Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 1Ct

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1 Each (EA)

Product Information

Medline Plus Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor, Standard Model, mmHg, One
  • Easy-to-use, standard home monitor operates with the push of one button and comes with a plastic arm rest to help keep your arm steady during readings
  • Automatically inflates and deflates
  • Provides quick digital readings of systolic/diastolic pressure (mmHg) and pulse rate
  • Memory function with date and time (military) stores 60 readings
  • Color gauge for quick visual understanding of reading
  • Wrist cuff: 5.5-7.7 inches
  • Includes two AAA batteries
More Information
UPC Code 080196525181
Medicare covered No
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PF Code PF69386
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Pack Size 1 Each (EA)
Sterile No
Brand Medline

Medline Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Quick and Accurate Readings

Help yourself maintain a healthy lifestyle with the easy to operate Medline Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. This unit has a large, well-lit screen that makes reading and understanding measurements stress free. A color gauge is located on the side for quick detection of blood pressure level range. The memory holds up to 60 readings to conveniently track an individual’s blood pressure over time

Key Features

  • Systolic blood pressure
  • Diastolic blood pressure
  • Pulse rate
  • 60 records for one user
  • Color gauge

Blood Pressure Cuff for Wrist
This cuff fits wrist circumference ranging from 13.5 cm to 21.5 cm (about 5⅓” – 8½”).

Cuff Placement & Body Position
1. Place cuff around a bare wrist 1-2 centimeters above the wrist joint, on the palm side of the wrist.
2. Sit upright and place arm with cuffed wrist in front of your body on a flat surface with palm up. If the cuff is correctly placed, you can read the LCD display.

Cuff Placement & Body Position
The device should be positioned so it is at heart level.

Tips for Measurement | Measurements may be inaccurate if taken in the following circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my blood pressure fluctuate throughout the day?

1. Individual blood pressure varies multiple times everyday. It is also affected by the way you apply the cuff and your measurement position, so please take the measurement under the same conditions.
2. If the person takes medicine, the pressure will vary more.
3. Wait at least 3 minutes for another measurement.

Why do I get a different blood pressure at home compared to the hospital or doctor’s office?

The blood pressure is different even throughout the day due to weather, emotion, exercise, etc. Also, there is the ‘white coat’ effect, which means blood pressure usually increases in clinical settings. Home blood pressure measurement may vary as much as 10-20 points from ones taken at your doctor’s office.

Is the result the same if measuring on the right wrist?

The device is approved to be used on both wrists, but the results will vary. For the most consistent readings, measure the same wrist every time

What you need to pay attention to when you measure your blood pressure at home:

  • If the cuff is applied properly
  • If the cuff is too tight or too loose.
  • If the cuff is applied on the wrist.
  • If you feel anxious, taking 2-3 deep breaths before beginning will be better for measuring.
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