Medline PluroGel Burn/Wound Dressing 0.7oz Tube 1Ct PGL020H by Medline
Medline PluroGel Burn/Wound Dressing 0.7oz Tube 1Ct PGL020H by Medline

Medline PluroGel Burn/Wound Dressing 0.7oz Tube 1Ct

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1 Each (EA)
Medline PluroGel Burn and Wound Dressing, 0.7-oz. Tube, One
  • Premium, hospital-quality dressing is 100% water-soluble, bio-compatible, cell-friendly, and non-ionic
  • Thick ointment stays on and helps create an optimal moist wound healing environment
  • Helps protect healthy tissue and soften wound debris
  • Softer wound debris rinses off more easily at dressing changes
  • One 0.7-oz. tube
Clear the way for an advanced product.
Medline’s PluroGel Burn and Wound Dressing softens, loosens and traps wound debris.

A primary dressing that breaks down barriers to natural healing.

PluroGel is a hospital-grade primary dressing gel designed to be used on minor cuts, minor abrasions, minor lacerations and minor burns. When applied to the wound bed, PluroGel’s water-soluble formula gets to work by removing natural barriers to healing such as dead skin cells, wound fluid and other material. Its unique surfactant properties aid in softening, loosening and trapping wound debris for more pleasant dressing changes. PluroGel also creates and maintains a moist wound environment to support optimal healing and protect healthy tissue. Previously only sourced to healthcare facilities, PluroGel is now available to deliver hospital-quality wound care at home.

How does PluroGel work?

The unique formula uses Micelle Matrix technology that works at the molecular level to effectively rinse the wound, loosening and then trapping dead skin and other debris. When it’s time for a dressing change, the extracted material simply rinses away with the gel, leaving only healthy tissue behind.

Before any dressings are applied, we recommend preparing the wound area with a cleanser such as Prophase Wound Cleanser and a skin protectant such as SurePrep Rapid Dry No-Sting Barrier Film.

Key features

  • 100% water-soluble formula doesn’t stick to skin and is easily removed with water or saline
  • Maintains a moist wound environment for optimal natural healing
  • Micelle Matrix technology penetrates the wound bed to soften, loosen and trap wound debris, effectively removing barriers to healing
  • Thick consistency helps PluroGel stay in place to provide continuous moisture
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