Medline Extrasorbs AP Underpad Drypad White 30x36 5Ct EXTSRB3036AZ by Medline
Medline Extrasorbs AP Underpad Drypad White 30x36 5Ct EXTSRB3036AZ by Medline

Medline Extrasorbs AP Underpad Drypad White 30x36 5Ct

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5 Bag (BG)
Extrasorbs Air-Permeable Drypad Underpads, 30" x 36", Bag of 5

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  • Premium hospital-quality drypad is designed to handle the needs of those with skin at risk of damage from repeated moisture exposure
  • Advanced, super-absorbent core absorbs fluid quickly and is dry to the touch in minutes
  • Lies flat when wet without bunching, swelling or disintegrating
  • Cloth-like outer cover for comfort
  • Helps reduce full bed linen changes
  • Air-permeable to support low air mattress therapy, which also protects bedding and permits air flow
  • 30" x 36"
  • One bag of 5 drypads
More Information
Catalog Number 1407
UPC Code 884389102537
Medicare covered No
Average Rating 0
PF Code PF66986
Absorbency Extra
Dimensions 30 x 36in
Pack Size 5 Bag (BG)
Brand Extrasorbs
From the hospital to your home. Extrasorbs AP.

Able to handle moderate to heavy leaks, this absorbent, air-permeable drypad keeps skin dry.

When an underpad isn’t enough, it’s time to upgrade to a hospital-quality drypad. Whether you’re trying to help a loved one with incontinence stay dry and comfortable, you’re managing wound drainage, or combating MASD (moisture associated skin damage), Medline’s Extrasorbs AP Drypads can help.

  • Super-absorbent core draws in moisture and locks it away from at-risk skin
  • Feels dry to the touch in minutes
  • Won’t bunch, swell or fall apart when wet
  • Moderate to heavy absorbency

4 layers of protection in 1 absorbent drypad

More than trusted – TESTED.

10 Minute test for dryness

A drypad’s ability to withstand multiple insults is determined using the *rewet* test. The test is done by pouring 500 mililiters of water onto a drypad, waiting 10 minutes and then measuring how much water returns to the surface. The lower the number, the drier against skin.

Extrasorbs or Ultrasorbs? With 4 types to choose from, which drypad is right for your needs?

Extrasorbs AP | Extrasorbs ES | Ultrasorbs AP | Ultrasorbs ES