Medline Disposable Protection Plus Underpads - Shop All PF01461 by Medline
Medline Disposable Protection Plus Underpads - Shop All PF01461 by Medline

Medline Disposable Protection Plus Underpads - Shop All

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Coverage and Leak Protection Pads for Chairs, Beds and More

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  • Disposable, all-purpose pads provide coverage and protection for chairs, wheelchairs, beds and more
  • Also makes a great floor pad or puppy pad
  • Polypropylene backing helps keep them in place
  • Available in economy weight with no filling and fluff-filled with absorbent polymer core
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Associated SKUs MSC281260, MSC281264LBH, MSC281264Z, MSC281264, MSC281271ZZ, MSC281271P, MSC280914, MSC281230PZ, MSC281230, MSC281241LBH, MSC281241, MSC281242LBH, MSC281236PZ, MSC281242Z, MSC281250, MSC281150T, MSC281242, MSC281245LBH, MSCB281245, MSC281225Z, MSC281225P,
Medicare covered No
Average Rating 1
PF Code PF01461
Brand Medline

Need budget-friendly protection?
We’ve got you covered.

Choose from Poly-Back, No-Polymer Pads in 4 Weights

Sometimes you need to protect bedding or cover furniture “just in case.” If you’re looking for an absorbent, slip-resistant pad you can pair with a body-worn incontinence product or you just need a little peace-of-mind protection, our Poly-Back, No-Polymer Disposable Underpads are a great place to start. They’re available in four different weights so one is sure to fit your needs!

Choose Your Weight: Economy, Good, Better

What’s BEST in this class? Our Poly-Back Polymer Pads are the next step up. Click here to learn more and buy.

Choose Your Size: Covers for All Your Needs

“Just In Case” Protection Everywhere You Need It

Beds, chairs and surfaces.

Minor at home procedures like blood draws.

Baby changes and potty training.

Puppy protection.