Ride easy.

And sit more comfortably.

Built to go the distance. Microban® Comfort-Driven Wheelchair.

Features Microban antimicrobal® protection built into the upholstery to help prevent stains and odor.


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Strong + Sturdy

Classic style and built-to-last with a sturdy steel frame and scratch-resistant finish.
MODELS: K1 Basic | K1 Basic Extra-Wide


Elevated footrest comfort featuring a hammertone frame finish that resists cracks and chipping.
MODELS: K1 Basic | K1 Basic Extra-Wide

Easy to Clean + Durable

Easy-going wheelchair makes clean ups a breeze with it's soft, vinyl-upholstered seat.
MODEL: K2 Basic Vinyl

Lightweight + User-Friendly

Lightweight and sturdy with an elevating back rest that can be customized at the right height.
MODEL: K4 Basic Lightweight

Premium Ultra Light-Weight

Handle almost any surface in this compact, lightweight yet comfortable chair.
MODEL: K4 Lightweight

Hybrid Wheelchair + Transport Chair

A 2-in-1 chair that travels and adapts to your needs
at the moment.
MODEL: Hybrid 2 Transport

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