Move Steady.

And stay balanced and confident.

Centered support and stability. Medline Offset Canes.

Lean in. The offset handle centers and stabilizes you better.


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Know your options before you get moving.

Standard Aluminum

Classic handle design and foam grip provides you with both a secure and comfortable hold.
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Offset Handle

Good-looking ergonomic handle design adds comfort and more weight support with less wrist strain.
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Quad Cane

With four feet and a handle design that fits you, it bears more weight and provides extra stability.
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T-Handle + Folding Cane

T-handles make it easier for arthritic hands and the cane folds away for easy packing.
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How to Choose the Right Walking Cane

How do you choose a cane for your specific needs? Learn about the different options to help you find the right one.

Prepping Your Bathroom so You Can Care for Your Elderly Parents

A little prep can make your home more accessible for your elderly family members visiting or staying with you.

Aging in Place: Organizing Your Home for Now and Later

Organize your home to address your current needs and for a time when you may be less agile or mobile.

Leave germs & odors behind.

The only mobility aids and bathroom safety products on the market with Microban® antimicrobial protection*
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