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Over a decade ago, we created Remedy – a premium, solution-based line of lotions and treatments that raised the standards of skin care. Today, Medline Remedy products are trusted essentials, used by patients and staff alike in hospitals and healthcare settings worldwide. Now, these hospital-tested and trusted products are available for use at home. Learn more about Remedy below, and discover a product for every skin health need.

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Care in Formulation

Developed by leading skin care specialists, Remedy products contain ingredients that meet the highest quality standards.

Proven Performance

Exceptional skin care comes from clinically proven formulations* that are hypoallergenic, pH balanced and safe for all ages.
*Contact Medline for data related to products.

Complete Product Selection

Skin health can change over time so we’re committed to providing products that meet your every need, from daily cleansers to targeted treatments.

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Elevate your day-to-day skincare routine with these head-to-toe cleansing and moisturizing essentials. Plus, find zinc protectant paste and INZO barrier cream that provide extra protection.


Made to take extra gentle care of skin that can be easily irritated, Phytoplex products combine the best of nature and science. The result? Soothing, skin-friendly botanical formulations you’ll love.

Intensive Skin Therapy

Serious skin conditions demand a higher standard of care and Intensive Skin Therapy products deliver. Discover premium formulations and targeted applications for high-risk skin.


The newest addition to the family, Remedy Baby is gentle in every little way. Shop 2-in-1 shampoo & body wash and baby lotion made with baby’s special skin care needs in mind.

Dermatology Series

Dermatologist tested, fragrance-free and non-irritating, Dermatology Series lotion is a long-lasting, all-over moisturizer you can use every day.