Make the most of mealtime

Join in with tube feeding meals created by the dietitians at Medline.

Kitchen Blends

Blenderized tube feeding meals inspired by family favorites.

Kitchen Blends – blenderized food for people, not patients

Designed for your busy lifestyle, each single-serving container is ready to use, anytime, anywhere.
  • Nutrient-rich meals are made with real veggies, fruits, seeds and grains
  • Convenient, shelf-stable containers are ready to use
  • Can be used in an enteral feeding tube as small as 6 French
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Ready to feed, no matter what

How to prepare for an emergency to keep your tube-fed loved one safe and healthy.

Discover the nutritional benefits of blends

Nourish your tube-fed loved one with the benefits of blenderized nutrition.

Kitchen Blends recipe: First day of summer swiss burger

Enjoy the flavors of summer with yout blenderized diet.

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