Extended Wear High-Capacity Adult Incontinence Briefs
Extended Wear High-Capacity Adult Incontinence Briefs

Extended Wear High-Capacity Adult Incontinence Briefs

Briefs, Incontinence: Extended Wear Briefs

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  • High-Performance extended wear core designed to keep patients dry and protected for long periods 
  • Breathable film allows airflow, promoting an improved microclimate for the skin 
  • Soft anti-leak guards help reduce leakage and improve containment 
  • Moisture alert wetness indicator smears and disappears when the garment has been soiled
  • Discreet ID system allows caregivers to easily identify the correct size, and provides a more dignifying appearance for the wearer 
  • Available in sizes: Small 19-31”, Medium 27-43”, Large 41-59”, and X-Large 57-65”
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Brand Medline
Designed for dignity and a good night’s sleep.

Medline Extended Wear High Capacity Briefs with superabsorbent core.

Advanced technology makes them twice as absorbent as the leading briefs in long-term care.*

Frustrated with nighttime leaks? Can’t find anything that works? Our Extended Wear high-capacity briefs are true hospital-quality – a step up from other, less-absorbent, off-the-shelf drugstore briefs.

Ultra-absorbent Extended Wear briefs are made with high-tech polymers that draw in a large amount of fluid and lock it away from the skin before it can cause damage. The result: reduced risks of incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) and more comfortable sleep.

*Based on 2017 GHX data. Data on file.

The ideal brief

  • Superabsorbent action—on contact
  • Airflow to cool the skin and let moisture evaporate
  • Soft and quiet material for superb comfort
  • Effective odor protection

1. Breathable backsheet allows air to flow throughout the whole brief.

2. Ultra-absorbent core with odor protection pulls wetness away quickly for ongoing protection.

3. Anti-leak guards help reduce leakage, ensuring containment and dignity.

4. Adjustable closures for a discreet, secure fit.

Key benefits

Skin health.

Minimize irritation by helping maintain skin’s natural microclimate.

Sleep quality.

Enables undisrupted sleep; product absorbs and contains multiple incontinence episodes.


Keep individuals dry, comfortable and odor-free using soft, cloth-like materials.


Enhanced quality of life with advanced odor protection and a more discreet fit.