CURAD First Aid Kits

Durable cases to organize and protect

First aid essentials in a variety of sizes

Mini First Aid Kit

The CURAD® Mini First Aid Kit offers on-the-go wound care in a conveniently sized package. It fits easily into small bags such as backpacks or purses. It’s also ideal when you’re away from home and need to manage common cuts or scrapes. Containing 15 pieces in total, this Mini First Aid Kit has multiple sizes of our Flex-Fabric bandages, including Flex-Fabric fingertip and knuckle bandages. Other offerings include plastic adhesive spot bandages for small punctures or blemishes, absorbent cotton gauze pads, and cleansing alcohol swabs.

Compact First Aid Kit

When you need medical care on the go, grab this CURAD® Compact First Aid Kit. It has everything you need to treat a wide variety of non-emergency medical situations such as scrapes, scratches, and small cuts. Filled with 75 items, it contains multiple sizes of bandages, including butterfly bandages for incisions requiring moderate tension. It also has a CURAD® Elastic Net Sleeve, a tube-shaped, stretchable bandage that can bind around difficult-to-tape parts of the body or areas with sensitive skin. Wound-cleaning items include alcohol swabs and cleansing towelettes.

Complete First Aid Kit

This 175-piece kit contains everything you need to administer first aid during an emergency. It comes with a durable hard case that keeps items organized to keep you focused on the right first aid steps. Great for homes, schools, sports and businesses. 

Expanded Selection First Aid Kit

CURAD® Expanded Selection First Aid Kit contains 140 pieces, and its hard-shell travel case is designed for camping, hiking, bicycling, and back-country expeditions. An array of assorted bandages allows for effective treatment of common injuries. Surgical dressing, a CPR breathing mask, finger splints, tweezers, and scissors help you stay prepared for more serious situations. The Expanded Selection First Aid Kit comes equipped with custom compartments so that its contents always remain organized.

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First Aid Portable Pack

The CURAD® First Aid Portable Pack, 15 count offers numerous first aid essentials. Great for on-the-go wound care, this Portable Pack contains everything to keep you covered when you need it most. It contains multiple sizes and types of bandages, including versatile Flex-Fabric, Waterproof, Plastic and Spot bandages. It also includes alcohol swabs to provide excellent cleansing action.

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