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Performance Series

Turn setbacks into comebacks with a variety of rugged bandages, tapes, and orthopedic wraps and supports designed to perform wen the going gets toughs.


A bleeding wound may be nuisance to you - or a trauma for your kids. Now, Quickstop bandages & spray help stop minor bleeding quickly to reduce these kinds of problems.

Soothe & Cool

The faster you cool off burns, the less damage, they cause. Keep Soothe & Cool bandages on hand for minor burns for activities like cooking, iron and girlling, or to treat and prevent blisters.

Truly Ouchless!

The most common complaints with typical adhesive bandages are that they fall off quickly or hurt to remove. Truly Ouchless adhesive bandages are designed to remove these frustrations.


Irrititated, inflamed wounds call for the special care found in CURAD SoothePlus, the only pads and guaze infused with the fresh soothing properties of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda.


As bacteria and other microbes continue to mutate to find ways to cause infection, CURAD Germ Shield continues to provide cutting edge solutions for improved germ defence to keep us safe and healthy.


CURAD has been at the forefront of care and innovation since its beginning in 1951. The brand’s rich history includes patenting the first “Ouchless Pads” in 1960 and pioneering the peel-off bandage wrappers that are now the industry standard. In 2007, CURAD became a part of the Medline family, and the brand has been reenergized. New, innovative solutions include Truly Ouchless Silicone Adhesive technology and an entire series of Performance Series bandages, tapes and supports for athletes and those recovering from injury. Shop our entire selection of premium, hospital-quality first aid items for home use now.