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The absorbency scale:

This scale shows the range of absorbency levels and the types of incontinence related to each. Find which type best describes you to choose the right protection.


• stress incontinence
• can walk with or without assistance
• urinary incontinence
• protect with pads or liners


• stress, urge incontinence or mix of both
• can walk with or without assistance
• dementia
• protect with protective underwear


• urge, overflow or bowel incontinence
• bedridden
• difficulty walking or standing
• protect with briefs or protective underwear


• overflow or bowel incontinence
• contracted, bedridden
• difficulty walking or standing
• protect with briefs

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FitRight for Women – made to fit your body.

  • Underwear and bladder pads are contoured to fit a woman’s shape
  • Higher absorbency under the pelvis, where women need it most
  • Comfortable, discreet design with no bulk and no crinkling

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Go Beyond the basics.

More than extras, these are tried-and-true essentials that make cleanup and all-around continence care easier.

Skin care + protectants

Help prevent moisture-associated skin damage and discomfort with premium barrier creams and soothing lotions.

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Protet yourself during cleanups and changes with a durable, disposable glove in just the right length.

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Odor Eliminators

Employ the power of science and nature to eliminate odors naturally and effectively.

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