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What’s the difference between a bladder pad and liner?

Bladder pads and liners may look the same, but they’re not. Bladder pads — and this includes male guards — are sized to fit securely in your underwear and they’re made specifically to handle light urinary stress incontinence or light bladder leakage (LBL). They have a low-profile and offer discreet leak and odor protection. Liners, on the other hand, are several steps above a bladder pad. They’re longer, wider and much, much more absorbent. In fact, they’re so absorbent, they can also handle bowel incontinence.

Bladder Pads

Discreet pads for men and women are made specifically to handle light urinary incontinence. Highly absorbent core locks in moisture and neutralizes odor.

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Male Guards

Made especially for men, these discreet bladder pads adhere securely inside underwear and offer extra protection where a man needs it most.

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Much longer, wider and more absorbent than a bladder pad, liners can handle urinary and bowel incontinence. A great choice if you don’t want to try disposable underwear.

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The other kind of feminine protection.

Designed to fit a woman’s body, absorbent FitRight for Women Bladder Pads let you laugh, move and sneeze without worrying about those little leaks you can’t control.

Discreet design + dependable protection.

Made to fit a man’s body, FitRight Active Guards for Men have a superabsorbent core with odor control to give you the confidence to do more

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