Wipes & Cloths

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Personal wipes and cleaning cloths help make quick cleanups, personal freshness and incontinence care of loved ones easy. We carry a large selection including our own Medline premium products that not only clean but also are gentle on skin. Medline Aloetouch Personal Cleansing Wet Wipes offer cleansing and cooling for delicate, sensitive skin. Medline ReadyBath Bathing Cloths are pre-moistened and have a rinse-free formula so they're ideal for those who are ill, bedridden or unable to shower.  Soft, medium-weight Medline Remedy Phytoplex 4-in-1 Barrier Cream Cloth Wet Wipes for continence care clean, moisturize and help protect skin with premium moisturizers and dimethicone. Find all these products and much, much more now and get them all delivered discreetly to your door.