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  1. Nonsterile Cotton-Tipped Wood Applicator, 6in, Box of 1000
    Nonsterile Cotton-Tipped Wood Applicator 6in 1000Ct
    Item #3349
    SKU MDS202055ZZ
  2. Individually Boxed Baby Brush and Comb Set, Ivory, One Set
    Cardinal Baby Brush and Comb Set
    Item #3481
  3. DawnMist Two-Sided Baby Hair Comb 1Ct
    DawnMist Two-Sided Baby Hair Comb 1Ct
  4. Hair Brush, Standard Bristles, One
    Cardinal Hair Brush 1Ct
  5. DawnMist 6.5in Adult Hair Comb 1Ct
    DawnMist 6.5in Adult Hair Comb 1Ct
    SKU DKL2655H

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54 Items

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Beauty Accessories + Tools from Medline at Home

Quality beauty tools and accessories are the foundation of every flawless beauty routine. Shop our large selection now and find the basics you need for skin care, makeup application and makeup removal. Stock up on cotton balls, cotton rounds, cotton-tipped applicators and 100% cotton beauty aids from our new Simply Soft product line. Plus find grooming essentials including tweezers, nail clippers, razors, brushes, combs and more. 

Read on to find answers to commonly asked questions about these beauty basics.

Should I use cotton balls or cotton pads?
Cotton balls are truly multipurpose. Originally designed for use as a first aid wound cleaner, they’re now just as popular for personal care use. They’re great for applying toners or lotion and dotting on liquid foundation or powder. And, as good as they are for applying makeup and controlling application, they’re also ideal for removing makeup.

Cotton pads or cotton rounds, are flatter, have more surface area and are typically stronger. They’re especially great for applying micellar waters or toner, removing eye makeup and removing nail polish.

No matter what shape you prefer, you should read package labels and look for cotton products that are 100% pure cotton, lint-free, hypoallergenic and ultra-soft.

Medline bestseller: Simply Soft Jumbo Premium Cotton Balls RSS10003Z
Medline bestseller: Simply Soft Premium Cotton Cleansing Pads RSS10008
Medline bestseller: Simply Soft Premium Cotton Rounds RSS10002Z

What are exfoliating rounds?

Exfoliating rounds are soft, strong cotton rounds that have gentle texture on one or both sides. The texture helps gently exfoliate skin. Because they’re usually stronger than standard cotton rounds, they’re also great for removing textured or glittery nail polish.

Medline bestseller: Simply Soft Premium Exfoliating Cotton Rounds RSS10007

What personal care tools do I need for nail care?
Keeping your fingernails and toe nails well maintained requires only a little time yet it’s important for your overall health. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you: keep your nails clean and dry, cut nails using sharp nail scissors or clippers and use an emery board to shape nails and keep them snag free.1

If you like to wear nail polish, you’ll also need orange sticks for cuticle care, cotton-tipped swabs for cleaning up polish that accidentally gets on your fingers, cotton balls and nail polish remover for taking off the polish.

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Medline bestseller: Simply Soft Jumbo Cotton Balls RSS10003Z
Medline bestseller: Simply Soft Cotton Swabs RSS20001H
Medline bestseller: Medline Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Pads MDS090780H



  1. American Academy of Dermatology, “Tips for Healthy Nails”
    Accessed on October 27, 2021