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Good nutrition is important for good health but sometimes getting the proper nutrition can be a challenge. That’s where we can help. We carry a large selection of blenderized food, food enhancements, tube feeding formula and medical food for people of all ages. Manufactured to the highest standards and filled with targeted nutrients for specific needs, many of these products are the very same ones used and trusted by hospitals. Medline Active Liquid Protein and Medline Gelatein High-Protein Gelatin are delicious ways to get extra protein. Medline Active Instant Food Thickener changes the consistency of food, helping those with dysphagia – trouble swallowing – get their food down more easily. Medline Kitchen Blends Blenderized Food is made specifically for those who tube feed and need enteral nutrition. Many of our products are available in convenient bulk quantities so you can stock up and never worry about having enough on hand. Shop now and getting everything you need delivered safely to your home.