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When it comes to over-the-counter medicines and treatments, skip the trip to the drug store and shop Medline atHome instead. We have a huge selection of effective and safe OTC remedies and medication aids—the very same ones that we sell to hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare providers every day. Whether you’re looking for anti-fungal cream like Medline Remedy Olivamine Antifungal Cream, a reliable allergy medicine like Medline Cetirizine Allergy Relief Tablets, or an effective smoking cessation aid such as GoodSense Nicotine Polacrilex Lozenges, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also discover an array of pain relievers like the bestselling Medline Acetaminophen Extra-Strength Tablets alongside must-have stomach remedies, including antacid tablets, laxatives, and Nexium 24 Hour Heartburn Relief. Having trouble sleeping? Check our selection of popular sleep aids such as Alteril Sleep Aid Tablets with L-Tryptophan. Find all these essentials and more customer favorites like the Medline Silent Knight Pill Crusher, and we’ll ship all your medicine-cabinet must-haves straight to your door.