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Dressings & Gauze

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Dressings and gauze are standard, easy-to-use medical essentials that are great keep on hand for minor emergencies. Used most often as a primary dressing that comes in contact with minor wounds, dressings can look like adhesive bandages or they can simply look like a plain pad. Look for dressings that are absorbent, nonadherent and non-linting or low-linting. Gauze is a versatile first aid essential that can be used as a primary dressing or secondary dressing. Shop top-quality gauze in sheets, squares and rolls. Discover Medline Bulkee II Sterile Cotton Gauze Bandage Rolls in lengths up to 4-yards, CURAD SoothePlus Gauze Pads with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda to help eliminate bacterial odors, CURAD Sterile Pro-Gauze Pads for cleaning and covering and much more. Because many of these items were created for use in hospitals, they're available in convenient bulk quantities made for stocking up.