Dressings & Gauze

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A well-stocked medicine cabinet should include dressings, also sometimes called compresses or bandages. They may have adhesive borders or no adhesive at all, yet they serve the same purpose: to come in direct contact with minor wounds and act as a primary dressing that covers the wound. Look for dressings that are absorbent, nonadherent (non-stick) and non-linting or low-linting (you don’t want little pieces of the dressing to stick in the wound). We carry a large selection of dressings including best-selling Optifoam Gentle Foam Dressing with Silicone Adhesive Border and Exuderm LP Hydrocolloid Dressing which are from our Medline advanced wound care line developed for hospital use.

Gauze is another first aid essential that you’ll want to keep on hand. Gauze is especially versatile because it can be used as a primary dressing or secondary dressing. We carry a large selection of gauze in sheets, squares and rolls. Shop now and discover popular Medline Caring Sterile Cotton Gauze Rolls in 4.5in. x 4.1yd rolls, Medline Sterile Bulkee II Cotton Gauze Rolls, Medline Bordered Gauze Adhesive Island Wound Dressing and much, much more. Stock up with bulk quantities, and get everything delivered safely to your door.