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Reduce risk with head-to-toe protective apparel.

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  1. Disposable Tissue/Poly Slip-On Adult Bib, 19in x 35in, Case of 150
    Disposable Tissue/Poly-Backed Bib 19x35in 150Count
    SKU NON24265
  2. Disposable Tissue/Poly Overhead Adult Bib, 16in x 33in, Case of 300
    Disposable Tissue/Poly-Backed Bib 16x33in 300Count
    SKU NON24268OH
  3. Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers, Size XL
    Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers, 1 Pair, Size XL
    SKU MDT211220XLHH
  4. Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers, Size L, Navy, 1 Pair
    Sure-Grip Terrycloth Slippers, 1 Pair, Size L
    SKU MDT211220LHH
  5. Double-Tread Slippers, Size S
    Medline Double-Tread Terrycloth Slippers Red Bariatric 1Pr
  6. Double-Tread Slippers, Size M MDTDBLTREADMH by Medline
    Double-Tread Slippers, Size M
  7. Double-Tread Toddler Slippers
    Medline Double-Tread Terrycloth Slippers Teal Toddler 1Pr
  8. Long Length Bib Apron
    Medline Long Length Bib Apron 36x40 12Ct
    SKU MDT215062Z
  9. Procedure Face Masks, Lite One, Pleated, Blue, Pack of 50

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609 Items

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As we continue to navigate the global coronavirus pandemic, PPE, or personal protective equipment, has never been more important. As a leading provider of protective gear to hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide, we’re a trusted source for quality products you can now count on for your at-home needs. We invite you to see our complete assortment of head-to-toe protective items including face masks, head covers, gloves, gowns, scrubs, lab coats, aprons and shoe covers. Stock fluctuations are common for the most in-demand items, but we are committed to offering as much inventory as we can for popular items including our Medline Nonmedical Face Mask. In this section you’ll also find slippers and socks including our Medline Double-Tread Slippers plus bedding and medical drapes and our Medline Washable Underpad with Twill Cover.