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Scrub Pants and Scrub Tops from Medline atHome

Scrubs – scrub tops, scrub pants, underscrub shirts – are the go-to uniform of medical professionals everywhere. Now you can stock up on your favorite workwear or buy a pair and discover why scrubs make the perfect loungewear. Shop our large selection of premium Medline scrubs for men, scrubs for women and unisex scrubs that have been tried and tested in the most demanding places of all – frontline hospitals and healthcare clinics.

Learn more as we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about scrubs below.

Who wears scrubs?
All type of medical professionals including nurses, doctors, surgeons, dentists, optometrists, vets, medical technicians, physical therapists, phlebotomists and home health caregivers.  

Why do medical professionals wear scrubs?
Scrubs are the classic professional healthcare uniform and they easily identify hospital staff; just one look and you know you’re talking to a medical professional. Scrubs also offer the wearer protection from bodily fluids (saliva, vomit, blood, urine, feces) and they’re affordable enough that they can be thrown out if the stains are too difficult to remove. While more and more fashion-forward styles are available, they’re generally loose and comfortable since shifts can be long. Pockets are a must for holding tools of the trade so you’ll often see multiple pockets on both tops and bottoms. Easy on/easy off is another hallmark of scrub design so most pants have drawstring waists and most tops can simply be pulled on. 

What’s the best fabric for scrubs?
There’s really no best fabric, only fabric that you feel comfortable wearing. Here are the pros and cons of various fabrics.

> Cotton. Pros: This traditional fabric is breathable, soft and easy to wash, sanitize and iron. Cons: Wrinkles, shrinkage, color fading.
Medline bestseller: Pre-shrunk 100% cotton reversible scrub pants 649MHSM

> Polyester. Pros: Wrinkle-resistant, durable, moisture-wicking, easy care, shrink-resistant. Cons: Not as soft and comfortable as cotton or other natural fibers, static buildup.
Medline bestseller: PerforMAX unisex reversible scrub pants 800NNTS

> Rayon. Pros: Soft, breathable, durable fabric most like natural fibers including cotton and linen.  Cons: Wrinkles, stretches, doesn’t hold shape well. 

> Spandex blend. Scrubs are never made entirely of spandex. Instead, a small percentage is blended with other fabrics. Pros: Stretch, stain-resistance, shrink-resistance and comfort. Cons: Not as breathable and a texture some may not like.
Medline bestseller: Melrose ave women’s 4-way stretch 72% poly/23%rayon/5% spandex scrub pants 5580

> Blends. Fabric blends are extremely popular because they bring together the best of several kinds of fabrics. Popular blends include poly/cotton, spandex/cotton and polyester/rayon/spandex.
Medline bestseller: ComfortEase unisex reversible 65% poly/35% cotton scrub pants 900JNTL

What’s the most flattering style of scrubs?
Traditional scrubs are boxy and basic, with utility and comfort the main goal. In the last decade, scrubs have been reimagined with more flattering, fashion-forward designs available. Athletic wear and athleisure garments have also influenced modern scrubs, leading to fabric innovations. When looking for the most flattering scrubs, take your cue from everyday fashion. If you look best in scoop necks in your off-hours, find a scrub with a similar neckline. Look best in body-skimming styles? Find a more body-conscious cut. With so many modern styles to choose from, it’s never been easier to find a flattering pair of scrubs.

Medline ave scrubs are our most fashion-forward scrubs. The Michigan ave scrub top for women is made of yoga-inspired 4-way stretch fabric for ease of movement. The Charlotte ave scrub top is a maternity scrub top with empire waist for comfort. The Park ave scrub top for women has a slimming mock wrap style. Unisex Newport ave scrub pants have a relaxed fit and a gym-worthy attitude. Shop all Medline ave scrubs now and find the perfect look for you.

Do scrub colors mean anything?
Blue and green are universal colors for surgical scrubs since they are easier on the eyes under bright surgical lights. Some hospitals have dress codes that assign specific colors to different hospital units or to separate specialties. If you have no rules or restrictions, go for the most flattering colors, but keep in mind that darker colors help hide blood stains.

How many pairs of scrubs do nurses own?
Everyone needs a backup, so many nurses have a complete set stashed in their locker or bag. In addition, they usually have several pairs or even a week’s worth clean and ready to go at home.

How do I wash my scrubs?
Everyone has their own best practices for washing scrubs. Your best bet is to simply follow the instructions on the label. You can add a splash of vinegar if you have colored scrubs, or a splash of bleach if your scrubs are white. Color-safe stain remover should be used as soon as you get home. It’s also a good idea to wash your scrubs separately from other laundry. Finally, you should always dry your scrubs thoroughly.