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Travel Hacks and Tips: A Tube Feeders Guide

How to Hack your Travel as a Tube Feeder

Traveling can be a stressful and daunting task to begin with; add in all of the preparation and packing that needs to be implemented when you or a loved one is a tube feeder. Check out our tips and tricks to hack traveling when tube feeding to ensure you are ready for wherever the road (or plane, or bus, or boat) takes you!

A month before...patient with doctor

Reach out to your doctor, nurse and/or caregiver to give proper notice that you are planning to travel in the upcoming weeks. Sit down with them and discuss the best way to accommodate dietary needs and what to do if any emergencies arise.

If you are going on a trip more than a few days long, see if you can ship most of your blends, and supplies to your final destination rather than traveling with them.

2 weeks before...laptop on desk

Touch base with TSA cares, a free website by Transportation Security Administration which provides passengers with support and assistance to make traveling with special needs a breeze. They are available both email as well as via phone, on their website.

Make a packing list and check it twice. Determine how many meals you will need and be sure to pack 4-6 extra meals. Be sure to include cleaning equipment and extra supplies.

4 days before...pill bottles

Fill up any medications and prescriptions at least four days in advance.

Check the weather to make sure food, medications and equipment will not require a cooler or heating tools.

If you are planning to make and blend your own foods, make sure you are able to travel with your blender or there is one at your destination. Don’t forget containers to put the blended food for proper storage.

Day of...plane in sky

If you are flying, you will be required to go through TSA, print and fill out a Disability Notification Card and carry with your ID and ticket.  

Plan to arrive 2.5 hours in advance. Allow extra time when going through security or check-in gates. All security checks vary, it is important to allow extra time in case there is traffic, delays or extra security required.

Once you arrive at your destination, seek out refrigeration or ice so your food and formulas stay fresh until consumption.