Forgoing Formula for Real Food

By: Ruth Marsland

My name is Ruth and I am a mum to 3 children. All my children have special needs but only one, my youngest, is fitted with a Mic-key button. His name is Oliver-Zac. 

When Oliver-Zac was born, he had a lot of issues such as reflux, erythema toxicum rash, born with a closed fontanelle and also has a severe cow’s milk allergy. Oliver-Zac also has multiple other diagnoses such as Autism with global developmental delay and low muscle tone. He wasn’t eating enough solid foods due to the hypotonia throughout his body and a poor gait.

Our local hospital had a team meeting with all the professionals involved in his care and decided on September 12th, 2018 to fit him with a PEG because if they didn’t, he would die.

For some reason, the dietitians put him on Pediasure knowing it had made him ill before. I wasn’t happy about it but, being a new Tubie mum, I said we would even though I had my doubts. I went home and followed the plan set out by the dietitian to the second and I wasn’t surprised when Oliver-Zac had a bad reaction and was covered in fecal matter every day and every night. I knew it was the Pediasure as it contained milk and sugars and other nasty ingredients. At this point, he was lethargic, had no energy, eczema and generally not himself. So I sought out advice from a friend and she was amazing; helping me every step of the way.

Oliver-Zac went straight onto a blended diet and I cut out all of the formula and Pediasure. His hair became glossy, his mood and temperament had changed, and he had so much more energy. He was a different child. Since then, I haven’t looked back. He is eating healthy, wholesome food; no junk food, all his fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and cereals. I tend not to batch blend as I like to give him different foods each day and I find that when I have batch-blended, some would go to waste. He has three blended meals a day, sometimes four depending on what he’s eaten at school.

It's even made me question my own diet and what I eat; so it hasn’t just helped my son, it has helped me as well.