Assessing Malnutrition Within the Clinical Setting

Assessing Malnutrition Within the Clinical Setting

By Bushra Hassan
MBA, RD, LDN Medline Dietitian

While 20-50% of hospitalized patients are malnourished, only 7% of patients receive an actual diagnosis1. Not to mention, these under or undiagnosed patients go home malnourished and are not even aware. In the hospital and home-care setting, it is important to identify one's nutrition status while they are receiving treatment, including what their current diet entails. While there is no gold standard nutrition assessment, it is recommended to use a validated nutrition screening tool. This can start with an initial check-in, bed-side or post-op care and should be continuously monitored. Frequent monitoring should occur at least once weekly or as clinically indicated.


Please note, this above is designed to serve as a guide and not intended to replace any existing malnutrition questionnaires or assessments.

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