Medline/atHome - a History Lesson about a Family-Owned Company

Taking good care runs in our family.

Now we’re bringing our hospital-loved products home to you.

 You might not know Medline by name, but chances are you’ve used our products — or at least, your physician has used them to care for you. Exam gloves at your annual checkup, underpads on the labor and delivery table, and surgical dressings after your knee replacement are just a few places where you might find us.

 Family-owned and operated for four generations, our roots run deep in healthcare. The story of Medline began in 1910 when A.L. Mills founded a Chicago garment factory that made aprons for the stockyards. That eventually led to sewing garments for a nearby hospital at the request of local nuns who were also serving as seamstresses.

 A.L.’s son, Irving, took over the garment business in 1930. When World War II hit, he began distributing much-needed medical supplies, and the Mills Hospital Supply company was born.

 Today, Medline is the fastest-growing, hardest-working medical supply company around, providing medical products and clinical solutions to healthcare facilities around the world — and now to your own medicine cabinet. Our expertise can make all the difference in your family’s health and wellness.

 We manufacture and distribute more than 550,000 medical products1 that are used by healthcare professionals in hospitals and other points of care. And now, with Medline atHome, you can enjoy that same level of hospital-grade quality. We deliver thousands of our products right to your doorstep to use in the comfort of your home.

 With every order, you get market-leading quality. Medline is recognized and respected as the healthcare industry’s number one choice for a range of products, including mobility and bath safety aids, incontinence care and exam gloves.1

 As we continue to grow, our mission to support your health and wellness with the right supplies remains a personal one, from our family to yours.

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