Medline Extended Wear Brief

$24.98 - $128.00
  • High-Performance extended wear core designed to keep patients dry and protected for long periods 
  • Breathable film allows airflow, promoting an improved microclimate for the skin 
  • Soft anti-leak guards help reduce leakage and improve containment 
  • Moisture alert wetness indicator smears and disappears when the garment has been soiled
  • Discreet ID system allows caregivers to easily identify the correct size, and provides a more dignifying appearance for the wearer 
  • Available in sizes: Small 19-31”, Medium 27-43”, Large 41-59”, and X-Large 57-65”
More Information
PF Code PF145326
UPC Code No
Manufacturer Medline
Medicare covered No
Associated SKUs MTB80200Z, MTB80200, MTB80300Z, MTB80300, MTB80500Z, MTB80500, MTB80600Z, MTB80600
Dimensions No
Size No

Comfort and dignity for heavy wetters.

Our Extended Wear briefs are twice as absorbent as the leading briefs in long-term care.* High-tech polymers draw in large volumes of fluid and lock it away from skin before it can cause damage. The outcome: continence care that helps reduce IAD risk factors and enhances quality of life–and sleep.

The ideal brief

  • Absorbs large amounts of fluid on contact
  • Promotes air circulation, cooling skin and evaporating moisture
  • Takes the guesswork out of continence management
  • Maintains dryness and comfort

  1. Breathable backsheet allows air to flow throughout the whole brief.
  2. Ultra absorbent core with odor protection pulls wetness away quickly for ongoing protection.
  3. Anti-leak guards help reduce leakage, ensuring containment and dignity.
  4. Adjustable closures for a discreet, secure fit.
    *Based on 2017 GHX data and data on file

Key benefits

Skin health

Minimize irritation by helping maintain skin’s natural microclimate

Sleep quality

Enables undisrupted sleep; product absorbs and contains multiple voids


Keep individuals dry, comfortable and odor-free using soft, cloth-like materials


Enhance dignity and quality of life by keeping individuals dry and comfortable

Easy sizing

Ensure a correct fit with size indicators on the backsheet

Importance of breathability

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