We call them chux. You can call them piece of mind.

Protect sofas, beds, wheelchairs and more with the same dependable underpads and drypads used in hospitals.

incontinence needsincontinence needs
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Our premium disposable underpads absorb wetness so you can worry less.

Ensure every surface stays clean and dry — your favorite chair, your bed mattress, and the most valuable surface of all: your skin. Shop our large selection of premium underpads originally designed for hospital use. Find every absorbency level from light to overnight. Find the right size for every surface. And, find ultra-absorbent options you won’t find anywhere else.

Find the right size for the job.

The bigger the pad, the bigger the task. Use this diagram to find the right underpad for the surface area you need to protect.

9" x 14"
17" x 24"
20.5" x 36"
23" x 36"
30" x 30"
30" 30"
30" x 36"
36" x 36"

Which underpad is right for you?

We carry dozens of disposable underpads and drypads. So how do you know which moisture-resistant barrier is right for your needs? We’ll take you through the top styles below.

Polymer + Fluff-Filled Underpad

Combination fluff and polymer core for high absorbency and odor control. Soft quilted top and slip-resistant blue back. Disposable, next-step-up from fluff protection.

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Reusable Underpad

Comfortable, cotton-blend underpad has a durable vinyl barrier to help stop leaks. Stays soft to the touch through repeated washing and drying. Moderate absorbency.

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Ultrasorbs Drypads

Advanced ultra-absorbent polymer core for heavy, continuous leaks. Won’t bunch or swell. Soft, breathable topsheet. For skin that’s at high risk for damage.

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Healthcare's #1 choice in incontinence products.

Multipurpose underpads are perfect for baby care, too.

Slip a soft, single-use drypad under baby and make changes easier -- and less messy.
  • Protect baby and surfaces from moisture
  • Choose from a variety of absorbency levels and sizes to meet every need
  • Convenient for travel – tuck in your diaper bag and use in public changing tables

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