Comfy Splint Hand-Thumb Orthosis


  • The Comfy SplintTM hand-thumb orthosis is designed to support the thumb without stressing the web space between the index finger and the thumb known as the thenar eminence
  • The thumb tab functionally positions the thumb without stretching the thenar eminence like the traditional "C" bar opposition hand splint
  • Ideal for use on patients with tightly adducted thumbs
  • Soft straps accommodate sensitive skin as well as slight fluctuations in edema and fragile skin
  • Available with terry cloth or broadcloth material
  • Fully and easily adjustable at all joints to make a custom fit without the use of tools or heat
  • Side wings prevent ulnar/radial deviation
  • Ambidextrous

More Information
PF Code PF115946
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Manufacturer Comfy Splints
Medicare covered No
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